honey & the moon (decolletages) wrote in yeux_de_saphir,

smiles returning to our faces

a mix for feel-good songs for heartfelt days

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01mystery jets - young love
one night of love, nothing more, nothing less. one night of love to put my head in a mess. is that you on the bus? is that you on the train? you wrote your number on my hand, but it came off in the rain.

02maia hirasawa - and i found this boy
next city we arrived, there was another band and i'm simply looking for a man that i could love at least for one night.

03regina spektor - dance anthem of the 80's
there's a meat market down the street, the boys and the girls watch each other eat. you are so sweet, so sweet. dancing and moving to that beat, that beat.

04rachael yamagata - i want you
i took your hand while you decided what to do. the only kiss, i ever miss, i shared with you. the other cities hold a memory still of place, but when i dream of london, i only see your face.

05maria mena - you are the only one
see, you're not what i expexted, but you're the only one that knows how to handle me. and you're such a great kisser and i know that you agree.

06the beatles - here comes the sun
little darling, i feel that ice is slowly melting. little darling, it's seems like years since it's been clear. here comes the sun, here comes the sun and i say it's alright.

07 jason mraz- i'm yours
well open up your eyes and see like me. open up your plans and damn, you're free. look into your heart and you'll find love, love, love.

08weezer - island in the sun
when you're on the golden sea, you don't need no memory. just a place to call your own as we drift into the zone.

09city and colour - the girl
well you don't ask for no diamond rings, no delicate strings of pearls. that's why i wrote this song to sing, my beautiful girl.

10priscilla ahn - wallflower
but there you were, standing in your own corner. your eyes were wide, tired, and fading, just like mine. we could be the best of friends, i'm sure of it.

11the lucksmiths - sunlight in a jar
i tried to write an opera for us, but i didn't get that far cause trying to sum you up is like catching sunlight in a jar..

12feist - brandy alexander
though i know what i love most of him, i'm walking on needles and pins. my addiction to the worst of him; the low moon helps me sing.

13lily allen - who'd have known
and even now it's moving forward, it's just the right amount of awkward and today, you accidentally called me baby.

14rosie thomas - songbird
and i'll wish you all the love in the world, but most of all, i wish it for myself. and the songbirds are singing like they know this chorus, and i love you, i love you, i love you.
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