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you must've fallen from the sky.

title: you must've fallen from the sky.
rating: teen
summary: night after night becca flies all over town with camilla, dressed in clothing considered scandal-worthy in her old town.
notes: written for inrevelations  challenge #5 (quotes) & memories_child .

"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged, to find the ways in which you yourself have changed."

- - -

It was the first day of Rebecca's life.

She wakes up to the sound of her mother making blueberry waffles, her father starting his old Chevrolet in the front yard.

Today it all begins.

- - -

Her parents drop her off in front of the university's dorm (girls' only natually; her parents would only stretch so far).

"You be good, Rebecca, no nonsense okay?" 

She nods. Her mother cries. Her father smokes.

"If you need anything, be sure to give us a call."

She nods.

Her father stomps on the cigarette, "And no funny business with boys- they only want one thing and that thing, my dear, is you."

She hugs her parents goodbye and realizes she never exchanged a word.

- - -

Rebecca soon realizes how different everything is- the girls, the boys, lifestyles, activities, everything.

Her roommate, Camilla, is the perfect example: curvaceous, attractive, flirt, careless, and of course, everything Rebecca wanted to be.

See, Rebecca was raised in a small town where good old-fashion morals prevailed, where mothers taught their daughters how to be perfect wives/homemakers, and Rebecca played mother to her two younger sisters.

This whole drastic change into university wouldn't be easy and Camilla will see to that.

- - -

Fall semester passes by in a flurry of excessive studying, achieving the perfect GPA, no sleep, and no partying.

The day after finals, Camilla is busy running around naked while Rebecca watches Gilmore Girls for the 10847th time.

"Please come with me, Becks. It'll be fun, I promise."

Rebecca smiles politely, "No, it's fine. I think I'd rather stay in today." (But her body is telling her to go, go, go).

"Please! If you don't like it, I'll leave with you. I know you want to go."

Rebecca thinks back to her parents who would surely disapprove of all this, of Camilla's skin-tight lace dress, the high-heeled booties, the dark brown mess on her eyelids- they would surely disapprove, but hey, they weren't there, where they?

Rebecca smiles, "Fine."

Camilla laughs.

- - -

Rebecca leaves the dorm in a lacy flower-printed dress, thigh-high boots, and her usual ponytail cascades into a mess of waves and curls.

"Come on Becca!" Camilla jumps into the taxi.

Becca's here now.

- - -

The partying gets serious. Night after night Becca flies all over town with Camilla, dressed in clothing considered scandal-worthy in her old town. 

She gets drunk, she gets blown, and wonders how the fuck she used to manage life without these things?

That, and a certain boy has been watching her since the beginning.

- - -

"Ralph has the hots for you, my sweet Rebecca."

"Who the fuck is Ralph?"

(Add cussing to her new repertoire.)

"That is Ralph."

Becca turns her head to the side and notices a tall, languid man with jade eyes and a lazy smile. Curly black hair and half-shaven face.

He looks back at her and smiles before lighting a cigarette and walking over.



I'm Ralph.

"I'm Becca."

He smiles deviantly.

I know.

- - -

She wishes she would've waited longer, but things happen for a reason.

Ralph told her that he loved her so she did what she saw was done in the movies. 

She shed her clothes, got in bed with him, and let him do his thing while she lied still, listening to the strange guttural noises that he evoked from her.

Rebecca knows nothing about men, about sex, about love and all she's ever seen/heard is from late night movies or Camilla's side of the dorm.

She just feigns it, but he knows she's faking it. 

- - -

Ralph is dangerous, though. 

Rebecca just refuses to acknowledge it. 

- - -

Becca loses herself in a midst of drinking, fucking, smoking, dropping, partying, not sleeping, not eating, bingeing.

Camilla is even worried about her.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine, stop worrying about me."

I can't. I feel responsible.

- - -

Her parents visit her at campus and she wears jeans, a cardigan, and her hair is back in a ponytail.

Her mother says she looks well and her father notices the lack of color in her eyes.

- - -

She goes back home for the weekend. 

She stays up in her room, texting Ralph, taking pills, and walks around the town in the wee hours of the morning.

How did I live here?

- - -

She longs for the city life, despises her old town, introduces herself as Becca to everyone else, and slowly forgets what it felt like to be Rebecca.

- - -

Becky, do you love me?


I need you. Now.


She giggles as he pulls her onto the dirty couch in his apartment and unbuttons her shorts. 

- - -

Camilla's not surprised when Ralph breaks up with Becca.

He's notorious that way- he is after all the virgin chaser.

- - -

Hey, it's Ralph. Leave a message.

Hey, it's Ralph. Leave a message.

Hey, it's Ralph. Leave a message.

Hey, it's Ralph. Leave a message.

Please call me back. I'm going home this weekend.

Hey, it's Ralph. Leave a message.

- - -

Word is spread around the town in the summer evening Becca arrives back home.

Rebecca Anne has changed so much!

I heard she got into drugs.

I heard she doesn't do anything at all.

Heard she went lesbian for her roommate. 

We should hold a prayer circle for her. Lorraine doesn't need a rebel for a daughter. 

She's not the same.

- - -

Becca only lasts a couple of weeks before launching into a bout of insanity. 

Everything bores her and nothing is fast enough- since her break-up with Ralph, she no longer has pills to prop her up. 

She resorted to rifling cigarettes from her father's pack. 

- - -

She knew this was inevitable. 

- - -

Her mother sobs hysterically in the kitchen floor. 

Her sisters look disgusted and Sarah Lawrence shakes her head. 

Her father grabs her clothes and throws them in a suitcase. 

"Daughter of mine, you no longer are until then."

Becca never gave them the satisfation of tears and walks in the morning away from the town she once knew. 

She leaves the town that once knew her. 

- - - 

Rebecca sits in the train station, waiting for Camilla to arrive. 

She places her pale hands on her stomach and sighs. 

It's kicking.

Tags: (fiction), type: original fiction
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