one (saladtoss)

you're not where you belong

title: you're not where you belong.
rating: teen
summary: it's not until much later he realizes what he lost; at this point, neither alcohol or pills cure the sudden loneliness that stabs him in the heart, it can't subdue that horrible ache in his chest.
notes: language, written for inrevelations challenge #3 (music) & memories_child (winter song by sara bareilles, wake up time by tom petty).

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lead me into the night

title: lead me into the night
rating: pg
summary: she was only nineteen and scared, but things can't change, even if she closes her eyes so fucking tight, they still open to the same thing cause she stopped wishing for miracles a long time ago.
notes: snippets from the cardigans' lead me into the night and sufjan stevens' casimir pulaski day; written for ghostcafe's prompt for yours truly; artistic license with the medical stuff.

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